I am so glad you have found my website!  I hope what you find here encourages and inspires you toward greater freedom and confidence in your life.  I have recently revamped my site.  You may notice the heading used to be “Hope & Healing after Rape.”  This is still a major theme on my site, but not my sole focus.  I have broadened my reach to include not just hope and healing, but ultimately freedom and confidence – Living in Freedom & Confidence.

Whatever life throws at you, whether that be rape or something different, living in freedom and confidence is possible.  I recently went through another challenging season in my life where I discovered women need just as much hope, healing and ultimately freedom and confidence – breast cancer.

Identity is not found in circumstances, titles, possessions or feelings.  Our identity and worth are unshakable.  Our identity and worth are found in Christ Jesus no matter what life throws at us.

I invite you into my latest journey toward greater freedom and confidence.  Let’s walk this path together as we embrace who we were created to be, let go of the lies we have believed and been held captive by for far too long, and walk in complete freedom and confidence!