I am so glad you have found my website!  I hope what you find here encourages and inspires you toward greater freedom and confidence in your life.  I share honestly and openly from my experiences and faith, because I love cheering others on, and when possible, making you laugh too. 

Whatever life throws at us, living in freedom and confidence is possible!  Apparently I do best speaking from personal experience and struggle, so I have had my fair share of material to work with.  But through it all, God has used everything to grow, stretch and transform me and my faith. 

The good I have seen in my life far outweighs any bad, and I have seen God take what I thought was bad and use it for good.  I consider writing and speaking to be an example of that good as I can use my experiences to encourage others.

So I invite you to check out my blog and journey with me toward greater freedom and confidence.  Whether I am sharing about faith, sexual assault, forgiveness, breast cancer, identity, fear, parenting or COVID-19, I am here to support and encourage you.   Let’s walk this path together as we embrace who we were created to be, let go of the lies we have believed and been held captive by for far too long, and walk in complete freedom and confidence!

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