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I would love to speak at your group, either virtually or in person.  Also, if what you have read is encouraging to you, I would love to hear from you!

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Below is a list of topics I can speak to:


We Go Together 

In our culture we have been facing an “epidemic of loneliness.” A worldwide pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing have only served to increase this epidemic as now no one is immune to feelings of loneliness. So what is the cure? Connection. Not just connecting with our “besties,” but also being plugged into a community. So let’s discuss together how we can combat this epidemic and open ourselves up more to connections in our lives.

She Laughs – 6 Actionable Steps to Overcoming Fear

Proverbs 31:25 describes the ideal godly woman as one who is clothed in strength and dignity, laughing or smiling at the future (depending upon the translation).  In these uncertain times, how can we become women who laugh without fear of the future?   Even when life doesn’t seem happy or funny?  I will explain six actionable steps we can implement to become women who can laugh and smile at the future, regardless. 

Burn It Down

Oftentimes we allows circumstances, lies and labels to define us.  It’s time to identify these misconceptions, Burn Them Down and replace them with truth.  It’s time to embrace not who the world says we are, but who God says we are.  To walk boldly and confidently in our True Identity in Christ!

Find Your Fire

The call to Find Your Fire hinges upon two factors: 1. Knowing your Purpose and 2. Knowing your Identity.  I will explain in detail the importance of Knowing your Purpose and Knowing your Identity so you can in turn encourage and impart truth to those in your spheres of influence.

Free Indeed

Jesus didn’t come just for our salvation, he came for our freedom. So, we can live daily in freedom. I will examine Luke 4:18-19, a passage that has come to embody hope and freedom for Hillary in her faith. I will challenge you to trust God with whatever you may be facing because – “This is God’s year to act (Luke 4:19 MSG)!”


I am passionate about God’s word.  I am always quick to insert humor and draw upon my own life experiences as illustrations.  I can tailor talks to a specific theme or speak to the following topics: 

  • Restoration & Healing In Jesus
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness
  • God’s Relentless Love
  • Our Identity in Christ
  • Seeing God’s presence even amidst our darkest moments and seasons
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Education


May 13th  

Moms on Mission

Vail Christian Church Tucson, Az

January 17th  

We Go Together

Pantano MOPS

Pantano Christian Church Tucson, Az


November 18th  

Being an Advocate & an Ally for Trauma Survivors & Creating Safe Spaces

Reclaiming Hope Conference

Pantano Christian Church, Tucson, Az


“Thank you so much for sharing your story…your kindness, courage, and strength were such an inspiration. Thank you for your bravery and strength to be open and reveal the work the Lord has done in your life.” – Ariel

“Wow, what a powerful story of how God has worked in your life!! What a witness of God’s love and mercy you are…it definitely shines through you!!” – Polly

“Wow! Thank you for trusting God and choosing to deal with your hurt his way. What a story you told. It was a perfect story of healing and hope. You were able to help so many.” – Glen

“Your story is so powerful! Thank you so much for sharing life with us and the way the Lord has taught you hope!” – Kelsey

“Your story is a wonderful testimony of faith and you are an amazing speaker…It’s such a powerful message of hope for women, young and old.” -Susan