Meet Hillary

Short Bio:

Hillary Grigel is a licensed architect, free-lance writer, speaker and blogger who proclaims hope and encourages women to live confidently and embrace freedom.  She is a survivor of sexual assault and breast cancer.  Hillary feels passionately that we are not defined by past hurts or struggles, but by our identity in Christ. There is nothing God cannot redeem. God answers prayers. God is still in the business of doing miracles. Hillary’s writings have been published on and in the MOPS Magazine.  She also contributes semi-regularly to her website:  Hillary lives in Vail, Arizona with her husband, three children, and dog.

Longer Bio:

Hillary Grigel is a former Air Force brat.  She spent her childhood moving every couple of years, navigating the awkwardness of friendships and constantly starting over.  As a result, she can befriend anyone anywhere at anytime.  She can also instantly spot when someone is alone or left out and is quick to step in to befriend them.  She knows all too well the sting of rejection and feeling like an outsider.   

Hillary has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona.  While at the University of Arizona she met and fell in love with her husband and best friend, Eric.  They were married one week after graduation.   

Hillary worked for seven years as a licensed Architect before becoming a stay-at-home mom to three adorable kids.  Hillary lives in Vail, Arizona with her family. They call Pantano Christian Church their home church.

Hillary loves spending time with family. She enjoys good food, the company of friends and travel. She can’t go a day without Jesus, chocolate, or ice tea. Pre-COVID, you could frequently find her and her family taking in the festivities and cheering for University of Arizona Athletics. Eric and Hillary are raising their kids with Wildcat pride.

She has been involved in Christ Lutheran Vail MOPS mom since the birth of her eldest and served on leadership for ten years. She considers Christ Lutheran Vail her second home church. Hillary loves the body of Christ and the diversity of MOPS.  No other ministry has blessed or impacted her life as much as MOPS and the community of moms she has met there.  

In 2016 Hillary began spreading awareness about sexual assault and encouraging survivors. This ministry has evolved into a ministry to encourage women to live in freedom and confidence in Christ. Hillary is passionate about scripture and her faith. She loves laughing over funny stories, connecting with and encouraging others. 

Hillary feels passionately that we are not defined by our circumstances, past hurts or struggles, but by our identity in Christ.  There is nothing God cannot redeem.  God answers prayers.  God is still in the business of doing miracles.