Aftershocks – Learning of a Campus Rape

Last Thursday, while I was worrying about my final studio presentation, out having lunch with my boyfriend and his father, a woman was raped. She was raped in broad daylight, in my parking garage on campus, by a repeat offender. After lunch we saw the aisle in the parking garage blocked off and we asked the officer standing watch what had happened. He just replied it was a crime scene. While I was out eating lunch, this woman was raped by a man who had raped before and will most likely rape again.

I am indignant toward this man, I burn with anger. What would possess him to do such a thing?! Some poor woman has just had her life violently turned inside out, stripped of her dignity and self-worth, all because of what this man decided to do to her. I wonder what she is doing right now. How is she doing? Is she sinking into a pit of depression and despair? Does she feel alone and isolated?

My heart aches for her! I am so angry for what has happened to her! I want to break something! To smash something beyond repair and then smash it more! To yell out in anger! To scream! To cry! But where would all this lead? Who would hear me? How could I prevent this? What could I do?! I feel so helpless! Why does this go on happening to women?! It is so horrible! I am overwhelmed!

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