Please come join me at Pantano Christian Church this Sunday April 23rd for the start of a new teaching series entitled: “Shattered.” Service times are 9am, 11am & 1pm.  You can also stream live at their website: The first two Sundays of this series will include my story of hope and healing after rape.  I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek yesterday of this Sunday’s sermon – it’s amazing! Pastor Glen’s message will challenge, inspire and encourage you!

Just to give you a better concept of the series, here is the Church’s description:

Apr 23 – May 7

Things have or will go terribly wrong. We’ve been verbally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and even sexually abused. Some of us have been abandoned or betrayed by ones we loved and trusted. We’ve watched our dreams trashed by others. Our lives have been shattered by hurting people who hurt others. When hurt we are tempted to take up an offense, which the devil uses to trap us. He traps by keeping us living in the wrong done to us. The power and damage of the wrong stays alive in the offense. There is hope and freedom from the pain and trauma we’ve experienced. It is through honestly facing the offense, refuse to be offended and then reconnecting with God who helps us to offer the forgiveness which frees us.

If attending or streaming the event live aren’t an option, a video of just the teaching will be posted to Pantano Christian Church’s website:

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