Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8 NIV

This year I was determined to have my one word picked out by January 1, yet here we are late January.  Foiled yet again!  But not for a lack of trying.  This task has been on my mind for months.

I immediately knew what I wanted my focus for 2020 to be but finding one word to perfectly capture the essence of my focus proved challenging.  For a while I entertained – fun.  Then I moved to – joy.  I thought maybe – delight.  Then – gratitude.  Even – worship.  Yet each of these words captured but a portion of my intent.

Then on my way to meet a friend for dinner, it hit me.  Contemplating the delicious food to come I thought – I am going to savor every last bite.  That was it!  Savor.  It perfectly captured the essence of my focus for 2020.

I want to savor 2020.  To:

Taste and see that the Lord is good;

Psalm 34:8a

To revel in the goodness of God.  Pausing to take notice of the good surrounding me.  Drinking fully from the “river of delights (Psalm 36:8).”  Having more fun with friends and family.  Delighting in life and living joyfully.  Pausing and praying more prayers of gratitude.  Living grateful.

If you follow me on social media, I have already been savoring moments and sharing.  A breathtaking sunset.  The beauty of the desert.  These moments happened to be on runs, but they were natural moments easily captured in photos. Moments I savored by pausing, enjoying their beauty, and whispering prayers of gratitude.

But it’s not just about moments I can capture in photos.  It’s closing my eyes to bask in the rays of the sun.  Enjoying music that stirs and lifts the soul.  Sheer delight and joy in the seemingly ordinary, yet profoundly beautiful.  Echoes of God that in the hurriedness of everyday life can go so easily unnoticed.  The miraculous is ever present, even when I fail to notice.  But in 2020 I plan to slow down, notice and savor the miraculous.

I also plan to savor moments with friends and family.  Making time and space.  Not rushing.  Saying “yes” more and “no” less.

So often I have let my endless “to-do” list dictate my responses.  In a minute.  When I am done.  Or sadly just – no.  That ends this year.  I want to say “yes” to fun.

Savoring also includes gratitude.  Giving credit where credit is due.  Thanking God for the overwhelming blessings in my life.  I love to utter this simple prayer –

Thank you, Lord. How could I ask for more?

Every moment is a gift.  Often the best gifts are ones we never ask for nor anticipate.  Like when my youngest crawled into bed in the early hours of the morning and told me “Mommy I love you more.”  Instead of just letting him lay next to me so we could both fall back asleep, I pulled him close and whispered, “I love you more.”  Savoring the moment, I whispered my simple prayer of thanks.

I don’t just want to pause and offer prayers of gratitude; I want to catalog blessings.  To savor gratitude.  I have been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Ann goes through the physical task of not just noticing blessings but writing each one down.

I love this idea and I too have set out to catalog blessings.  The physical act of recording adds a sense of permanence.  No longer do I struggle to remember the cute thing my child did or said the other day.  I can just pull out my list and reflect upon it.  Plus it puts me in the mindset of looking for the positive in every circumstance.

I love The Message translation of the second half of Psalm 34:

Blessed are you who run to him.

Savoring is not just about enjoying life, ultimately it points us back to God.  To the source of all goodness.  The one we run to time and time again. The one in whom we take refuge.  May all of us “Taste and see that God is good.”  Every.  Single.  Day.  Of. 2020.  And.  Beyond.