Kids’ Identity Coloring Sheet

I am so excited to share my latest resource with you – an Identity Coloring Sheet just for kids!  The God-Given Identity Coloring Sheet has been such a popular resource I decided to broaden its appeal and include a younger audience.  So many of my readers have young children and this is such a fun resource to share with them! 

This coloring Sheet contains a list of Biblical truths (along with their scripture references) about who God says we are and cute illustrations from Bible stories.  Encourage the kids in your life to not just color, but read these truths aloud or read them aloud to them.  Then hang this up somewhere where they can be reminded of these truths.

No matter our age, it is so easy to misplace our identity and believe lies.  We mistakenly allows circumstances, lies and labels to define us.  It’s time to identify these misconceptions and replace them with truth. It’s time to embrace not who the world says we are, but who God says we are. To walk boldly and confidently in our True Identity in Christ!  Enjoy!

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