Burn It Down

This past academic year I gave a series of talks for Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) entitled – Burn it Down. Burn it Down was inspired by the MOPS theme – Find Your Fire – and the concept of controlled burns in forest management. Controlled burning restores nutrients and allows forests to grow healthier by destroying debris, decay, and even disease.

I challenged women to do a controlled burn. To identify lies we believe about ourselves and replace them with truth. To rid ourselves of what is holding us back, even hurting us, so we can grow into healthy women (or men).

This practice was so impactful and encouraging to me I would like to go through a series of posts exploring this topic of identity. More specifically, what the Bible says about identity. It is my hope this series encourages all of us to fully embrace our identity in Christ.

As we examine these truths, we may find our feelings aren’t in alignment. Our feelings don’t negate the truth of how God sees us.  If our feelings don’t align with the truth, that is a great opportunity to ask – Why? What makes us feel differently than what scripture says about us?

Oftentimes we consciously or unconsciously allow relationships, our occupation, accomplishments, possessions, appearance, what others say, how we have been treated or mistreated, and our circumstances to define us.  Doing this sets us up for disappointment. Why? Some of these factors can be outright lies and destructive, like what people say or how we have been mistreated. Regardless, none of these factors are constant.

As much as I hate to admit it, things change.  Our relationships change. Our occupation can change. Our accomplishments can change or even become irrelevant or obsolete. Our appearance will change. And the opinions of others? Always changing. We cannot please everyone. How we are treated is constantly changing. Our circumstances will change. Our occupation can change. You get the idea. Constant. Change.

I hope as we look at these truths of how God sees us – we can embrace truth. I hope we recognize lies we have believed for far too long and burn them down. Consciously and intentionally replacing these lies with the truth of God’s word. Going fourth in newfound freedom and confidence.

If you would like to explore the first truth of our identity in Christ, I already wrote it as a previous blog post – You are Loved.