You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

John 15:16 NIV

Significance.  If we are truly honest significance is something, we all crave. Not fame, but the knowledge that we matter. We are making a positive impact in our sphere of influence.

We are making a positive impact in our sphere of influence. We have meaningful friendships and relationships. What we do matters. Our work matters. Our time has value. We have worth and something to offer everyone.

In a world with so many people we can easily feel lost in the crowd. Overlooked.  Insignificant. But those feelings are an outright lie.

I have been reflecting upon this idea of significance over the past few weeks. I recently attended my High School Reunion. As I looked through the list of classmates, I was shocked by how many I didn’t recognize.

Granted my class was the largest to go through my High School. Our class size began in the four digits. But I felt strangely insignificant as I wondered how many people looked at me and thought – who is that? I don’t remember her! 

My High School Reunion was just a small sampling of people. Just look at the vast number of people in the world. Or even greater, since the foundation of the world.  We can feel small and insignificant.

Yet, John 15:16 tells us the God of the universe calls us significant. So much so, he choose to create us. He decided the world would not be complete without us.

He declared at this present time, at this place – the world needed us. An Emily. A Sarah. A Brenda. An Ashley….He needed me, and he needed you.

He intentionally created us and placed us here. To love him. To love each other. His creation would not be complete without us, because he loves us.  Because we are significant to God.

Everyone has a unique story. All. Their. Own. No two people have the exact same story. That equips each of us to uniquely encourage and reach others.

We don’t need to chase significance during our lifetime because we already have it. It has been bestowed upon us by a loving God. Let us boldly go fourth in the freedom and confidence that we are significant to God.