Flowers for No Reason

I can’t keep plants alive. I try, but I always forget to water them or water them too much. So imagine my excitement when beautiful succulent flowers emerged like a Phoenix out of the ashes in my planter (see picture above). We normally rotate new annuals in this planter, but I think we are just going to roll with these this summer and see what they do.

These flowers also reminded me of an encounter I had two years ago Easter Weekend at the store. An elderly gentleman gave me a bouquet of flowers and said:

My late wife spent her life trying to make me into a gentleman. She taught me the best time to give a woman flowers is for no reason. These are for you today.

What he didn’t know was I had been having a bad day. My circumstances weren’t instantly fixed by the gift of flowers, but my heart was lifted and delighted by a God who sees, hears, cares and even sends flowers on bad days. God can use anyone to show us his love and remind us we are not alone.

You might be thinking how do I know this act was from God? Wasn’t it the elderly gentlemen? God can use anyone. That man set out to find someone to give flowers to that day. It could have been anyone, but he felt prompted to give them to me. For no reason. The miraculous in the mundane.

Dear friend God delights in us regardless of our actions, circumstances, or achievements. Just because we are his and we are his creation. Let that sink in. Remember God delights in us today.

Those flowers and the flowers emerging in my planter are sweet reminders that:

  • God loves us.

  • God hears us.

  • God sees us.

  • God answers prayers.

  • God delights in us.

When everything doesn’t go our way sometimes we just need to know regardless – we are loved. Regardless of our mess – God delights in us. When we are feel discouraged – God cares. May these truths encourage us to walk in freedom and confidence!