Stress in a Diagnosis Podcast

So excited to be a guest again on my friend Ericka Eller’s podcast Vulnerable You: Stress Unscripted Episode 61: Hillary Grigel – Stress in a Diagnosis. This is a great follow-up too to my “Ta-Ta to my Tatas” magazine article in The Chase Joy Mops Magazine. Click here to listen on the web or here to listen on Apple Podcasts, as I share more about my season of Breast Cancer and being diagnosed.

Let me just tell you, even if you haven’t been faced with a difficult diagnosis, you have walked through at least one difficult season – Covid-19! We discuss in length about going through difficult seasons of life and offer encouragement. As I listened today and was reminded of some truths I hadn’t considered lately, I was encouraged, especially in light of this current season of Covid-19 we are all facing.

Remember this is just a season of life. Seasons have a beginning and an end and even this season shall eventually pass too. I am sure this will be encouraging to you too friends!