Pandemic Parenting

Come join me live tomorrow September 12th at 9 am Arizona Mountain Time for a virtual Women’s Conference, The Hard Things Conference (9 am Arizona Mountain Time (9 am PST, 10 am MDT, 11 am CDT, 12 pm EDT)! This conference will nourish and replenish all aspects of your life currently suffering by the pandemic. Our goal is to give women the strength and endurance they need to live this best lives.  Keep running beautiful, you’ve got this. We’re here to support you along the way.

I will be speaking about Pandemic Parenting. Below is a description of my talk: 

Unprecedented.  Everyone keeps describing the times we are currently in this way.  So it’s no wonder as moms trying to navigate these times we are faced with many challenges, emotions and uncertainty.  Let’s delve into some of the emotions we as moms are feeling.  How can we respond to these emotions Biblically and process them in a healthy way?  We will also talk about the positives of these unprecedented times too.

Click here to join me for this Live Event at: 9 am Arizona Mountain Time (9 am PST, 10 am MDT, 11 am CDT, 12 pm EDT). The password when prompted is 14600. This event will be recorded so you will be able to watch a recording if you miss the live event. I hope to see you there!