We Can Do Hard Things Conference

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

Do you feel like you could use some encouragement these days? The We Can Do Hard Things Virtual Conference started on September 1st and is running through September 15th. I would love for you to joins me at this conference!

This event is being put together by Christ Lutheran Vail Church in an effort to spread love and hope to women during this pandemic. The blessing of the curse is there is not a person on this planet that hasn’t felt some effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We have felt it in our parenting, our marriage, our work, our self care, and perhaps even our faith.

We have put together 14 workshops during the nights and weekends throughout the month of September to help combat the fatigue brought on by this season. You can attend the workshops live or watch them later with the replay. These workshops were created by experts in their field to replenish and refuel our women this season. Best of all, it’s free to attend.

Click here to see the lineup of amazing speakers (myself included)! I have heard from and met most of the speakers and I am so excited and honored to be included in this event!