Safe Space

Hey friends!  Can I just say I pray for you too?  Yep!  I am so grateful for you and humbled by the opportunity to serve you through my blog.  When I pray, I not only thank God for you, I pray about how I can best serve you and that led me to this idea for a series of posts – Safe Space.

My goal when I write or speak is to impart hope, but also to create a Safe Space. To hold space for our struggles, our emotions, and the triumphs of life. A place where we feel accepted just as we are, never judged, and most of all loved. A place of authenticity where we can honestly be ourselves. A place of connection through our common and relatable experiences.

I draw heavily upon my own life experiences because these are what have shaped me.  They are relatable. I don’t share because I feel like I have all the answers, or I have it all together. I share because I am so excited for the lessons I am learning or have learned through my experiences that I want to share them with you too.

I am not afraid to share my failures because I am not perfect. Our failures and shortcomings make us human. I never want anyone to think I am perfect or that I am trying to appear that way. In fact, I prefer to share my failures, because failures have transformed and taught me the most. I don’t mind laughing at myself either.

All of this to say, I hope you see some of yourself in what I write. I hope my words resonate, encourage and inspire you. I hope my words connect us as we bond through our shared experiences, struggles, emotions and triumphs.

In 2021 I want to focus on creating a Safe Space of encouragement and hope. I want to be your cheerleader. Your friend. Your confidant. I want us to journey together through life’s triumphs and struggles. Know you are thought of and prayed for and I hope this inspires and empowers you to live in greater freedom and confidence!

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