Known Podcast – Sharing My Story of Sexual Assault

So excited to be a guest on my new friend Mandee McDonald’s podcast – Known with Mandee Mcd – Episode 83: The One with Hillary Grigel – Survivor of Sexual Assault. I enjoyed talking with Mandee so much we continued our conversation for an additional 45 minutes after the recording ended. We even joked about being new best friends. You will love Mandee, her sweet accent, and her heart for encouraging women.

Just to forewarn you, Mandee and I are discussing my experiences with sexual assault and my healing journey. As always, I strive to do this in a respectful manner, but due to the content this could be triggering for some.

That said, this podcast is not exclusively for survivors of sexual assault. Mandee and I discuss common misconceptions about sexual assault, consent and coercion. Regardless of past experiences, I hope listeners come away more informed, empowered and encouraged by the God’s redemptive healing power.

Click here to listen on the web or here to listen on Apple Podcasts, as I share my story of sexual assault and healing.